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We have pleasure in presenting to you two of our trusted friends, take a look on our home page , hover your mouse under about us to find our Trusted friends.

Affirmative Finance

Bridging loans and finance for property

If a project has come to an unexpected halt, you can surmount the obstacles and get back on the road to success with the help of a bridging loan.

To offer you the right kind of loan, they co-operate with individuals, developers, and regulatory bodies throughout the whole industry. If your looking for “Fast, flexible, short-term, secured finance for any purpose”



Norton Finance

” Norton Finance search the market to help find the lowest interest rates and the best lender for a complete range of financial services. This includes helping people to manage their finances by consolidating a current debt, to assisting clients to obtain a loan or remortgage so that they can cover the costs of home improvements, a major purchase or a holiday. Whatever your requirements are, we can help.”


We want to thank them for all their support over the past few months


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