Ten of the fastest selling and ten of the slowest Property hotspots

top ten hotspots


The average property in Britain is selling ten days sooner now compared to last year, according to giant property website Rightmove.

Ten of the Fastest selling Property hotspots are :

Local authority Region Average number of days on Rightmove before sold % change compared to April – June 2013
Cambridge East 27 -30% (39 days)
Lewisham London 29 -41% (49 days)
Sutton London 29 -40% (48 days)
Waltham Forest London 31 -34% (47 days)
Warwick West Midlands 33 -25% (44 days)
Hackney London 34 -37% (54 days)
St Albans East 34 -33% (51 days)
Greenwich London 35 -34% (53 days)
Bexley London 35 -40% (58 days)
Bromley London 35 -41% (59 days)

Seven of the top ten fastest selling areas are found in the capital, with homes in both Sutton and Lewisham spending an average 29 days on the market. Last year it took 48 and 49 days respectively for homes to sell in the areas.


Outside London, the only other two areas that make it in the top ten list are Warwick in the West Midlands and St Albans in Hertfordshire, with properties taking an average of 33 and 34 days respectively to be sold.

Ten of the slowest selling Property hotspots are :

Local authority Region Average number of days on Rightmove before sold % change compared to April-  June 2013
Powys Wales 113 8% (104 days)
Gwynedd Wales 112 16% (96 days)
Sefton North West 106 3% (103 days)
Fylde North West 105 -4% (109 days)
Wakefield Yorkshire 103 4% (99 days)
Forest of Dean South West 103 18% (87 days)
Conwy Wales 102 12% (91 days)
Rochdale North West 100 -8% (109 days)
Allerdale North West 100 19% (84 days)
Bradford Yorkshire 98 -7% (105 days)


Overall, it takes an average 65 days to sell a property in Britain, compared to 75 days this time last year.

The average home in London shifts in 41 days, the South East 51 and the East 56. In the North East, it takes 88 days on average to sell a property, and 87 in both the North West and Wales.

This new data shows just how different the pace of the housing market is at a very local level, and clearly displays that speed is key for both buyers and sellers.

‘Buyers want to know that they can be the first to find new properties on the market, and sellers expect to have their property marketed as quickly as possible to find a suitable buyer

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