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More than 30,000 people have registered for cheap ‘starter homes’ – less than 48 hours after a new scheme was officially launched.

David Cameron today announced plans to build 200,000 new homes which will be sold 20 per cent cheaper than the going rate for under 40s who haven’t yet bought their own home.

Since a website promoting the scheme was officially launched on Saturday there has been a ‘stampede’ of first-time buyers showing an interest, Downing Street said.

The revelation comes after Mr Cameron promised to make cheap new homes for first time buyers the centre-piece of the Tory Party’s house-building strategy after the election.

He announced that a Conservative Government would build double the number of subsidised starter homes to give ‘more young people the security of owning a home’.


The homes will be sold below market rate and won’t be ‘snapped up by buy-to-let landlords’, Mr Cameron said.

He promised the homes will be ‘decent, well-built, homes – places to start and raise a family’.

The House Builder’s Federation, which runs the Starter Homes website, confirmed that almost 31,000 people have registered to receive information on starter homes being built in their area.

The federation’s Steve Turner said the stampede of interest in the last 48 hours revealed the pent-up demand for first homes.

He said: ‘The volume of registrations clearly demonstrates the need for schemes to assist people to buy their own homes.’

He added: ‘In recent years it’s been very difficult, particularly for first-time buyers, to realise their ambitions of home ownership. Government schemes to help them do so are clearly welcome.’

The Prime Minister’s pledge to build 200,000 new properties for first-time was one of five election promises to help home owners.

He said the Tories would keep mortgage rates low, build more homes, extend the controversial help-to-buy scheme and encourage more people to buy their own council house.

Local councils will also be given more power to stop unpopular developments, Mr Cameron said.

The PM said: ‘There is a particular kind of security that comes with owning your own home [but] too many people have been denied that security.

‘The young people in their 20s and 30s still living with their parents, desperately saving for their own place.

‘The couple who want a child but can’t afford to upsize – even though they both have full-on, full-time jobs. It shouldn’t be this way.

‘Our goal is a Britain where everyone who works hard can have a home of their own.’

31,000 sign up for Cameron’s 20% discount scheme since Saturday

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