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Churchill…Oh No! Latest research out today from Churchill Insurance revealed that a staggering SEVEN MILLION homeowners failed to get a survey before buying their property.
This is like playing Russian roulette with your future as purchasing a property is the greatest investment most people will make in their lifetime.
There has been a strong reaction from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to the figures.
So here is their response in full from their UK Residential Director Andrew Bulmer:
“If ever there was a subject needing myth busting, this is it.
“As this data shows, every year hundreds of thousands of home buyers still rely on a lender’s mortgage valuation, assuming that it is some sort of survey.
“It isn’t.
“The lender obtains a simple valuation of the property to make sure they can lend safely, and these are sometimes completed without visiting the property using just a desktop valuation.
“The message for home buyers is clear; a home is the most expensive purchase you will ever make and going down a cheaper route will be a false economy if works are required.
“There are various levels of survey, and it is vitally important to have a qualified surveyor look at your property if you truly want to know what you are buying. “
You can read more on the RICS website at…/rics-respondes-to-churchill-home-insurance-…/

All our Surveyors are a registered with RICS which  gives clients an assurance of high quality and professionalism and also allows us to keep up to date on all issues affecting the industry and the property market.
It also allows the Surveyors  – along with fellow companies – to make the industry’s voice heard at national level and influence Government thinking.
The Surveyors believe it is important for them to reach the highest industry standards, and then exceed them. Membership of RICS helps them do that.
We provide a wide range of comprehensive surveys and reports for all your land, property and building needs. On countless occasions our expert professional surveyors have identified issues for prospective buyers prior to purchase – saving them thousands of pounds further down the line.  It can also lead to the purchaser securing a reduction of the purchase price or even allowing them to withdraw from a purchase entirely.
Make sure you’re not one of the seven million taking a massive gamble.
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Well done to Churchill for highlighting the issue. So it really should be a case of ‘Oh Yes…Get a survey!’
You can visit the Churchill website at

Today Churchill Insurance release their latest research stating that over seven million homeowners did not have a survey before buying their property. Andrew Bulmer, RICS UK Residential Director responds.

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