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We have neared the mid of 2016 and almost bid the old construction and building trends goodbye. This is a bustling hour; the industry is booming and business optimism is very much pronounced. So, what’s trending in the world of building and construction this year?


Let’s Hear It From The Builders 

  • Pre-Fabrication

Whether it’s a new build, a renovation, repair, extension, or even a barn conversion, pre-fabrication is the buzzword. A lion’s share of the building work is now accomplished offsite within a controlled environment and taken to the construction site to be installed.

Pre fabrication of buildings

This has resulted in the increase of efficiency and productivity and decrease of delays and risks. It has also dismissed the need of constructing facilities bit by bit and delivering them at slow paces. Construction has now become faster, safer and more cost-effective.

  • Single Design Model

As a tradition, documents relevant to engineering were created in a separate environment and then handed out to contractors for re-work in a different environment. This was more time consuming, money demanding, and of course, a lot confusing. However, the trend has changed big time.

Single Designed Model

Builders now take up projects from design to completion. They have become one-stops and are very much coordinated. Everything is ‘in-house’ these days. This has cut on the time required to complete the projects and even the costs. Also, confusions have been fought to a great extent.

  • Advanced Materials

Materials are getting technologically spruced up to ensure top class quality and uber utilitarian value. Also, because pre-fabrication and single design model are trending, the cost of materials have significantly lowered. Quality has only been enhanced.

Advanced Materials

From concrete to composites, fenestration to surface finishing products, masonry to woodwork, metals to plastic, everything is getting revamped according to the dynamism that technology is. And this trend is going to remain for a while.

  • Barn Conversion

According to builders barn conversions are turning as popular as new builds or reconstruction in the urban landscapes of the UK. This trend is absolutely consumer driven. People are looking for peaceful places away from the humdrum city life to dwell.

Barn Conversions

Also, regarding a converted barn, the newest fad is about heavy insulation that tallies with modern living. Damp proofing is yet another trend because barns are most prone to dampness caused by stored agrarian products.

So, Are You Ready To Welcome The Trends?

If you are about to take the plunge this year, you must hire builders who are aware of the construction trends of 2016. Energy efficiency is something which is most desired in modern-day buildings, be it residential or commercial.

Consumers are looking forward to sustainable construction more than anything else. And along with it is the hunger to building aspects that comply with the standards of fine property development.

Making construction visions come true is what everyone’s striving for. And the aforementioned trends are largely a result of this zeal, don’t you think?



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