Chartered Surveyors, Minerals, Planning & Environmental Consultants

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Chartered Surveyors, Minerals, Planning & Environmental Consultants


Below is a brief description of the services they can provide

Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning is the process of facilitating decision making to carry out development with due consideration given to the natural environment, it provides a holistic framework to achieve sustainable outcomes. Advance planning of ecological issues is critical to prevent delays in achieving planning consent as well as the overall build programme.

The Consultants provide an extensive range of environmental services. These include:

Renewable Energy

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Offering landowners advice on alternative added value land uses including renewable energy developments such as wind and solar pv.  Reviewing potential sites and  identifying appropriate technologies in accordance with the client’s requirements. The services provided include the following:

  • Initial site review – research, making enquiries and possible site visits to gather information on the site.
  • Advice on renewable energy solutions – this will be tailored to suit a site’s specific objectives and on-site energy uses.
  • Liaise with other stakeholders – these may include distribution network operators renewable suppliers and developers, local authorities and communities.
  • Preparation of planning applications – undertaking appropriate environmental surveys and where appropriate, Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Help coordinate installation and maintenance works.
  • Management of reinstatement after the scheme’s economic lifespan.
  • Advice on terms for options and lease agreements.

Environmental management plans

Experienced in the preparation of the following Environmental Management Plans for most forms of development including quarrying and housing:

  • Ecological Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Biodiversity Impact Assessments (BIA)
  • Construction & Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Biological Action Plan (BAP)

The Ecological Impact Assessment methodology comprises of:

  • Initial scoping surveys of site and surrounding area with the identification of likely zone of influence
  • Evaluation of ecological resources and features likely to be affected
  • Review of contextual information including National and Local Planning Policies and Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Assessment of ecological effects and impacts of the proposals
  • Recommendations of habitat management, enhancement and restoration.

Ecological Surveys

As part of the planning process there is often a requirement for ecological surveys to be carried out as part of the submission of the Planning Application. A full range of ecological services:

  • Phase I Habitat Surveys – The habitat is assessed for the potential of protected species. The optimum time for these surveys are May to September.
  • Phase II Habitat Survey – This is a more detailed survey if phase I highlighted the possibility of the existence of protected species.
  • Protected Species Surveys – Depending on the type of protected species it is only possible to carry out these surveys at particular times of the year.
  • Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) Surveys.
  • Protected Species Translocation Surveys.
  • Environmental Management Plan(EMP).

Ecology work is carried out by a qualified Natural England licensed ecologists who is trained to carry out all aspects of ecological surveying and environmental management and their  in-depth understanding of the UK planning system means they deliver practical ecological solutions for development.


Unlocking development value in land invariably involves engaging with the planning system. Not withstanding recent changes to the planning system which are aimed at simplifying a highly complex process, it nevertheless remains a challenging environment in which to work.

The Surveyors have many years experience of coping with the complexities of the system and have enjoyed a high degree of success in promoting development proposals and securing planning permissions.

They are conversant with preparation of planning applications for minerals, waste, housing, leisure and recreation. Projects include quarrying for sand and gravel, inert waste disposal and recycling, canal side marinas, residential developments and holiday home parks.


Minerals and Waste Management

Providing a consultancy services to landowners, farmers and mineral operators throughout the UK.

Providing specialist advice on Minerals and Waste management permitting, planning, restoration and environmental matters associated with quarrying.

Advising landowners and operators on terms and conditions for options and leases to work minerals and deposit waste.  Registered Valuers and can undertake valuations of mineral and waste assets for purposes of sale, lease and taxation.

Experts in mineral planning and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Service areas include:

Site Investigation

Water Abstraction

Waste Permitting

Topographical Surveys

Geological and Mineral Resource Surveys

Ecological Surveys


and the list goes on and on……………………..


So if your looking for Chartered Surveyors, Minerals, Planning & Environmental Consultants, give us a call on 01565 734 613 we are happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a quotation

 If you don’t see the service you require above please still give us a call as they do far more than is on the above list


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