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A report today shows that there are still houses out there that can be a bargain

So why not get your coat on and get looking around estate agents , to see if you can get that bargain.

Remember Estate agents like you to view the property before putting in an offer, but once you have viewed it they are obliged to put the offer to the vendor.

What’s stopping you ?




The daily Mail reported today Almost three-quarters of all homes sold in January failed to achieve their asking price, estate agents reported today.

The rise was evidence that ‘buyers have the power to negotiate again’, according to the National Association of Estate Agents which produced the figures.

The proportion of homes sold for under the initial asking price rose to 73 per cent in January, up from 56 per cent in the same month a year ago. However, the January figure remains below that seen during the second half of last year – 82 per cent of homes failed to achieve their asking price in November and September.

The NAEA said the January rise may have been a consequence of activity in December when reforms to stamp duty pushed some sellers – particularly those selling around the £250,000 and £500,000 thresholds – to raise their asking price because buyers at these price ranges were handed a tax cut.

Mark Hayward, managing director, National Association of Estate Agents, added: ‘It seems buyers are counter-acting this by negotiating prices back down to original asking price opposed to paying over the odds for their dream home, creating a real buyers’ market.

‘The housing market is based solely on sentiment and so if consumers feel an ounce of uncertainty; this will result in a temporary lull.
‘The amount of sales we’ve seen going through at less than asking price in January is reflective of vendors’ lowered expectations and keenness to achieve sales – buyers are just not biting at inflated prices. Traditional estate agents are still working hard to ensure speedy transactions for both buyers and sellers

The NAEA reported a slight slowdown in buying and selling activity. Supply was down to 44 properties available per member branch, compared to an average 47 for the whole year in 2014 and 45 in December.

Demand saw a two per cent jump too, with the number of potential buyers registered per branch falling from 360 in December to 353 in January

The percentage of sales made to first time buyers was the same in January as December at 26 per cent, a slight rise on 24 per cent in in November.


The typical age of a FTB in January fluctuated slightly from December. 18-30 year olds accounting for 39 per cent of first-time buyer sales, down from a high 48 per cent in December.

31-40 year olds accounted for 44 per cent of first-time buyer sales and those over the age of 41 made up 17 per cent of these purchases.

The news on asking prices comes after separte surveys have shown weakness in the propects for house prices.

A report this week from the Halifax showed confidence that house prices will continue their upward momentum in the coming months has fallen.

There is still a net majority who think prices across the UK will rise in the next 12 months, but this has fallen to 52 per cent – the lowest since the summer of 2013.




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